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Hole One1st Hole - "Willie McKay"

Par 4
White: 362 yards
Yellow: 346 yards
Ladies: 330 yards

This hole is not a long one, measuring only 362 yards off the white tees, but it demands accurate shot-making. The river runs down the left side from tee to green. If you play safe down the right hand side you risk a bunker, a number of trees and short but thickish rough.

If your drive does find the fairway, your troubles are not over as the green is well protected on both sides. There is also a gully on the left of the green which gathers in many approach shots. Get your par 4 on this hole and you are off to a great start.



Hole Two2nd Hole- "Rampart"

Par 4
White: 348 yards
Yellow: 338 yards
Ladies: 328 yards

This is a fairly straightforward hole unless you miss the fairway – the rough may be short but it is much more difficult than it looks, and trees on either side come into play.

There is a fine specimen of an unusual tree, a Columbian pine, in the rough on the left after the tee.


Hole Three3rd Hole - "Hay Robertson"

Par 3
White: 196 yards
Yellow: 186 yards
Ladies: 176 yards

This short hole requires an accurate tee shot with a long iron or lofted wood, and a par here is always welcome.

The rough around the green is difficult to play from and there are two well-positioned bunkers guarding the entrance to the green.




Hole Four4th Hole - "Whitehouse"

Par 4
White: 474 yards
Yellow: 463 yards
Ladies: 452 yards

In yardage this hole is only just short of being a par 5, and it is a challenging par 4.

A drive into the trees on the left, or the rough on the right will be likely to result in a bogey, or worse.




Hole Five5th Hole - "Willowgate"

Par 3
White: 179 yards
Yellow: 157 yards
Ladies: 133 yards

This hole has a green protected by bunkers on either side of the entrance which can be seen from the tee, and by two further bunkers behind these which cannot be seen from the tee.

There is an out of bounds running up the left on top of the banking.



Hole Six6th Hole - "Spectacles"

Par 4
White: 325 yards

Yellow: 317 yards
Ladies: 308 yards

There is a large old oak tree on the left of this hole and a wide bunker which guards the landing area on the right of the fairway.

The two-tier green has a narrow entrance, and shots which run through the green will end up in a position which is likely to cost you a shot.



Hole Seven7th Hole - "Dunsie"

Par 4
White: 312 yards
Yellow: 300 yards
Ladies: 293 yards

This is another fairly straightforward par 4. There is an out of bounds line at the far edge of the right rough, and drives landing in the rough on the left are likely to be blocked out by a number of trees.

A good drive should set up a possible birdie chance.



Hole Eight8th Hole - "Long Hole"

Par 5
White: 529 yards
Yellow: 519 yards
Ladies: 510 yards

This is a par 5 which should present few problems if you avoid the bunkers on either side of the landing area, and (of course) the rough on either side.



Hole Nine9th Hole - "Rashes"

Par 4
White: 433 yards
Yellow: 420 yards
Ladies: 407 yards

This is one of the best holes on the Island. Two good shots are required to clear the ditch which runs across the fairway short of the green.

The second shot for many golfers is a “risk and reward” shot which offers the choice of laying up short to depend on a pitch and a putt for par, or “going for it” with a long second to reach the green. The plantation to the right of the green is worth avoiding!



Hole Ten10th Hole - "Stephens Pride"

Par 4
White: 342 yards
Yellow: 331 yards
Ladies: 320 yards

Long, or straight hitters from the tee should find this hole to their liking, but difficulties arise for those who end up to either side.

Trust your yardage for the second shot, as the distance to the pin can be deceptive.



Hole Eleven11th Hole - "Peter Campbell"

Par 4
White: 372 yards
Yellow: 362 yards
Ladies: 352 yards

This is another great hole, risk or reward!! A ditch snakes from through the trees and across holes 11 & 12. Go for it or lay up??? Lay up and you leave yourself a long shot in to a hidden green, on the approach expect your ball to be affected by crosswinds. Hit your drive over the ditch and you leave yourself a much more inviting approach but still difficult.



Hole Twelve12th Hole - "Shelter"

Par 4
White: 270 yards
Yellow: 266 yards
Ladies: 262 yards

This is a short par 4 which can afford a birdie or eagle chance for those who want to take on the bunkers at the entrance to the green. If playing for position take care!! The ditch may look easy to carry but has swallowed many a balls!



Hole Thirteen13th Hole - "Short Hole"

Par 3
White: 171 yards
Yellow: 159 yards
Ladies: 147 yards

Another hole where you do not see the bottom of the pin from the tee, and this time it is protected on the right by an old hawthorn tree.

A sloping green is receptive to tee shots, but if you overdo it there is out of bounds at the back of the green. There are quite a few interesting borrows on this green.



Hole Fourteen14th Hole - "Corner"

Par 4
White: 358 yards
Yellow: 308 yards
Ladies: 297 yards

This can be a challenging hole when the prevailing wind (in your face) becomes quite strong, especially off the medal tees.

There is out of bounds along the top of the bank on the left, and trees on the right wait for those who play away from this hazard. There is a two-tier green which can provide some interesting putts.



Hole Fifteen15th Hole - "Farm"

Par 4
White: 270 yards
Yellow: 238 yards
Ladies: 225 yards

A short par 4 for members, and a long par 3 for visitors. Off the medal tees an out of bounds on the right can come into play, and the two-tier green is well protected by bunkers.



Hole Sixteen16th Hole - "Tayside"

Par 4
White: 494 yards
Yellow: 393 yards
Ladies: 378 yards

This is a par 5 for members off the medal tee, and a par 4 for visitors off the yellow tee, and for both it is an interesting driving hole.

There is out of bounds along the bank on the left, and rough on either side which can be difficult to play out of.



Hole Seventeen17th Hole - "Hawthorn"

Par 3
White: 178 yards
Yellow: 158 yards
Ladies: 144 yards

This par 3 has a green well-protected by bunkers. Appearances can be deceptive when estimating distance to the pin. A feature of the hole is the stand of copper-leafed maples behind the green.



Hole Eighteen18th Hole - "Ramsay"

Par 4
White: 430 yards
Yellow: 423 yards
Ladies: 416 yards

This is a very good finishing hole, particularly if you are in a tight match or if you have a good score to protect. Out of bounds runs down the left, and the trees on the right are to be avoided.

Bunkers also guard the landing area on the right. Except for the longer hitters, a long iron to the green will be needed and there is a nasty greenside bunker on the right.




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