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02 July 2018


King James VI Golf Club

Blue Book Challenge Shield Raffle Prize List

                                          Ticket  Winner

1st Prize  4 Ball at Stirling Golf Club     P789 Alisdair MacKintosh

2nd Prize 4 Ball at Kingsfield Golf Centre P873 Jimmy Watson

3rd Prize  Litre of Vodka                           P817    Drew Watt

4th Prize  Bottle of Grouse                        P775    Colin Smith

5th Prize  Voucher for Kinnears Inn        G483   Teenie

6th Prize  Bottle of Glenfiddich Whisky  P787   Alisdair MacKintosh

7th Prize  Bottle of Brandy                        P722    (will phone)

8th Prize  Bottle of OVD Rum                  P672    J Sievwright  

9th Prize  Bottle of Gin                              P786    Alisdair MacKintosh

10th Prize Bottle of Whisky                      G445   Andy Lewis   

11th Prize        Ball & Snack Voucher Forfar GR P771    Colin Smith

12th Prize Skin Care Box                          P570    Andy Edwards    

13th Prize Bottle Cockburn Port              G520   Moira Lumby      

14th Prize Golf Book                                 G459   Brian Fleming      

15th Prize Bottle of Wine                          G607   Grey Wolf

16th Prize Bottle of Port                           P578    Dave Cargill 

17th Prize Bottle of Wine                          G591   Ross Tennon 

18th Prize Bottle of Wine                          P596    Ashley Routledge

19th Prize Bottle of Wine                          P676    Gary Sievwright

20th Prize 6 Golf Balls                              G453   Dave McIntosh     

21st Prize  Butcher Voucher                      P826    Helen Dalgleish       

Thank you to everybody who donated Prizes and bought tickets.